The best car insurance deal is basically the comprehensive car insurance. This kind of insurance policy pays only for a few issues however, your regular auto insurance will not pay for these expensive damages. The following are some of the important benefits which you can actually avail if you have comprehensive Fort Wayne car insurance policy:

1. Payment for Animal Collisions

An ordinary auto insurance policy never pays for the damages caused by an animal collision. However, an excellent benefit with a comprehensive car insurance is that it can shoulder such expenses. As a matter of fact, the coverage includes a crushed fender, dented hood or broken windshield. The most common culprits are moose, deer or even livestock.

2. Payment for Stolen Vehicle

Buying a brand-new vehicle after your car has been stolen is a real headache. If someone has stolen your car and you weren’t able to recover it, then you should get a comprehensive car insurance in case you can’t afford to buy a new one. If you’ve financed the vehicle, the lender will actually require your auto insurance policy. In addition to that, the coverage of a standard comprehensive insurance policy will definitely not pay for a new car but instead, it will just simply reimburse you for the actual value of the stolen car. That means that it should be less expensive compared to the cost at which you purchased it.

3. Payment for Damages Caused by an Extreme Weather Condition

The auto insurance company will usually conduct an investigation for any portion of your vehicle damaged by the wind, storm, heavy rainfall, or any unwanted incident related to the bad weather condition. Aside from that, this also includes rocks carried by the wind, golf balls or even a hurricane picking up your vehicle and smashing it in other areas.

4. Payment for Damages Caused by Flood

High levels of water can actually destroy or damage, not just the upholstery but the mechanical and internal parts of your car as well. Comprehensive coverage manages insurance claims from those with a moderate or low risk of flooding.

5. Payments for Damages Caused by Fire

If you experienced roadside vehicle fires such as those you see in news reports early in the morning, then you should expect that your insurance company will first conduct and assessment for you and your unit. On the other hand, damages that were caused by large pile-ups or falling tree branches, or even vandalism are covered by your comprehensive car insurance as well.

Prior to getting a car insurance, you should first ask your insurance agent whether all those unwanted accidents are covered by it. Comprehensive insurance might not be as simple to pay as the ordinary car insurance. However, it may save you a significant amount of money in case these unwanted incidents happen to you. There are different reasons for you to give importance to the auto insurance. Thus, the importance of a car insurance is really felt when someone is already involved in the accident.